Saturday, 28 December 2013

My unique skin routine

So this is a rather narrow blog but for the people who have eczema I'm crossing my fingers that this will help you. As having eczema all my life it's a flipping pest and I absolutely hate it, would never wish it up on anyone. I hope one day I'll grow out of it but for now this is my day to day skin routine. Enjoy!

So here's my all round moisturiser which is called aqueous cream. I literally don't know what I'd do without it. I bring it everywhere with me, it's like my little comfort blanket. Even if I'm going downstairs for a glass of water I always have it in some sort of container in my pocket just in case a dried area of skin pops up haha. Okay I may sound weird but I just hate the feeling of having tight cracked skin. You can purchase it from any pharmacy for like 4-5 pounds and it lasts for ages!
Next is my hydrocortisone cream which is steroid cream, go to your doctors of course to get perscripted for it as I have, it mainly targets the really sore and inflamed areas, it can also be used for insect bites and of course mild to moderate eczema. I use this sparingly twice a day when my eczema gets unbearable. It works a dream for me so to my eczema buddies out there I seriously recommend it!
Next, this is more of a beauty area. This is a gradual self tan body lotion by Dove which I just adore and it doesn't effect my eczema or harms/irritates it in anyway, I just put a fine lay all of my body resulting in a natural glow. This never fails to really moisturise my skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and smelling good enough to eat haha!
Aqueous cream:£4-5.00//hydrocortisone cream:£2.00//Dove self tanning body lotion:£
I really do hope these trips help you, please comment and like, drop in your skin routine in the comment box? How do you moisturise? Ask any questions and I'll be happy to answer all of them
Love phoebe xoxox

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