Sunday, 29 December 2013

Three glorious features of my bedroom!!

So I thought I'd show you around my bedroom with afew pictures and descriptions of my favourite things, here we go!

My incredible Marilyn Monroe wall paper which I actually adore, even though she died before I was born. She is pretty much my inspiration in life! As I'm not the slimmest of girls she's my idol. Symbolising that everyone's gorgeous no matter what size you are(alittle inspiration quote for you there).
Next my beautiful poster of good old Bob Marley, I apologise if you don't like bob Marley or just dislike his music but I just think he's amazballs with his cute little smile haha! 

Thirdly my goodie stash, every person needs one of these in her life(well I do)..mine constantly needs refilling oops! But girls/guys if you have had a really bad day or just need a little snack I would recommend making one. You're probably thinking that I'm obese or something but I can assure you I'm not..I don't think haha. Anyway yeah love that!

So there you are, three features of my room which I love, this was just a quick post before I go to bed as I thought I'd show you something that's more on a personal level so I hope you liked it, please comment and like which would me greatly appreciated, thank you for reading! 
Love phoebe xoxox

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