Friday, 27 December 2013

Tonight's make up routine

Firstly I start with my Mac Pro long wear foundation which gets rid of any unwanted blemishes I may have (which is a lot). I really like this foundation because it doesn't really feel like you're actually wearing foundation and just makes you look flawless. It normally lasts me for around about 3-4 months as well so it's lasts while so the money is worth it I promise you. I have number 20 as I like to have a warm tanned look. Excuse the mess of the bottle, I'm not the best person when it comes to cleaning my make up haha.
Secondly I apply my concealer which is the lasting perfection by Collection, I love this concealer as it's cheap and does the trick, been wearing this for afew years now and it's perfect to fall back on when I'm out and about when suddenly I magically get a spot or bags appear so I denfinately recommend this life saver. The shade I use is fair 1 which is the lightest one you can get. It just lifts my eyes up and gives a flawless finish. 
Then my MAC powder which I just put all over my face to give that all over glow as I'm as palm as a sheet so plenty on for me!

Thirdly I apply a eyeshadow base which I put on before my eyeshadow to ensure it stays looking freshly applied, i love the name, it's great, it's called lemon aid by Benefit. It's so random but cool. The first time I actually came across it I smelt it to see if it actually smelt like lemonade, I was highly disappointed...another blonde moment of mine haha.
It's a light yellow substance which you layer lightly on the eye lid remembering to to cover the hole eye lid then I start with the eyeshadow.
Sorry about my shoulders reflecting off the lid, I tried to angle it so it didn't lget my awkward face in haha. So this is the MAC pallet which you can personal with your favourite eyeshadows instead of buying individual pots which I find is to cluttered when there all in my make up bag. Anyway I first put a lay of the light cream eyeshadow, covering all my eye lid then in the creace of my eye lid I work in the dark brown colour creating a smokey effect

Finished eyes, excuse my big nose in the corner haha. I love smokey eyes, makes them look bigger and exaggerated I think making your eyes pop.
Then mascara which I just love applying, I use two mascaras, first one is the false lash effect fusion by Max Factor(£10-12), it enhances each and every lash giving you that false lash effect. The thick brush extends the lashes which helps me a lot as I don't have very long lashes.
Then my second mascara is the trust worthy MAC mascara called bad bad black opulash which I think just thickens your lashes without that clunky, clogging effect.
Then my gorgeous MAC lipstick called viva glam 1 which I wear if I'm going for a meal, event, party ect...I really like this colour as my idol Marilyn Monroe used to wear a similar colour so the obsessive fan I am I thought I'd have to try it out (unfortunately but obviously looks better on her).

Then last but not least my amazing brushes I apply my make with, again MAC which never seems to disappoint me. I've popped labels on each brush just so if you wasn't too sure which ones were which then you do now. These brushes you can take anywhere as they aren't over sized which is why I find them so handy as you can just slip them in your makeup bag without any struggle; nothing's  worse then bent brissles on your make up brushes!
MAC foundation: £25.00//collection concealer:£3.99//MAC blot press powder:£20.00//lemonaid: £16.50//eyeshadow pallet:£16.00//singular eyeshadows:£10.00//false lash effect max factor mascara:£10.99//MAC mascara:£14.00//MAC viva glam lipstick:£15.00//MAC brush set:£42.00

Hope you enjoyed reading my make up routine and I'd love to know what your make up routine is? feel welcome to comment/like or ask any questions and I'll be happy to answer all of them!
Love phoebe xoxox

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