Saturday, 11 January 2014

Finally my Benefit prime and concealer review is here!!

Hey peeps!

So as I promised my review on benefits Boi-ing concealer and flawless primer which I've been using for a week now, to start with I've had so much break outs recently (a girls worse nightmare). So for my foundation to stay on all day is just bliss! I can actually feel the substance of the primer gripping onto my foundation, and to think I didn't wear primer before, what was I thinking! my skin is weird though so I'm sure not everyone needs to wear primer but I sure do. 

Then to erase any blemishes, dark eyecircles, break outs and discolouring of the face the glorious Boi-ing concealer is your answer! Something about being flawless makes me feel that bit more confident, sounds weird but my skin has always been a problem throughout my life as I have eczema, I have a dry skin type so miosturising is my best friend. I always use products that hydrate my skin without looking greasy or shiny. So glad I purchased in theses products as they were exactly what I was looking for! So if you as well are like me with dry skin or struggle to keep you foundation looking freshly applying all day I seriously recommend theses two miracle workers! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, what are your two favourite products? Please like, comment and follow which would be lovely! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

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