Friday, 24 January 2014

Gold and black wonder!

Hey peeps
So this is my favourite winter outfit as it's got a dash of gold glittery. I hope you're all having a fab January, I've got the January blues so went and got myself a personal trainer to tone up as I've always wanted to do it, just sick of having to suck in all the time, so this time I'm determined. I read this cute inspirational quote on the gym wall 'if you're tired of starting over, don't give up in the first place' and that describes me as a whole, I always give in but this time I hope it will be different.

This glittery leaf pattern shirt I spotted at a charity shop in my village, fell in love! Holding on to the Christmas feeling with the gold glittery colours. Dressing it down with tying it up or relaxed which just layers over my leather skin tight skirt. It's shear and sparkley; my favourite combination! Excuse the cheeky black bra, wrong colour to wear!

This leather skirt from H&M just makes me smile, I was looking for one for ages, it's always when you're not looking for it you find what you was always wishing for and this little gem straight away caught my eye.  

I am actually in love with these knee high boots from, through these cold frosty days I just dread being constantly cold so having my black swade boots hugging my legs makes me a happy girl! For £32 I couldn't resist! Sorry, I look like a right moody bugger in all of these pictures, it's been a long week! Aha

Hope you liked my black and gold look. What's your favourite winter trends? Please like, comment and follow which would be great! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

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