Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Gorgeous booties!!

Hey guys!!
So all these booties are from boohoo.com. I just love little heeled ankle boots, from leather to swade. Their perfect if you're a tall gal like me but still loves to wear her heels but hates towering over everyone, or if you're a totty and want afew more inches on you their just perfect to solve that one. 
You can wear them with anything and everything which is just perfect for me as I have rather a lot of extreme and colourful outfits!
Don't get me wrong I like a shirt and jeans every now and again but the shirt has to be extremely in your face and wacky! Hate dull and boring clothes, just not me! Like to experiment with my dress sense.
They can be worn for any occasion or event, they can de dressed down or up! I need to purchase some ASAP! 
That clip clop of your heels in an elegant, classy fashion which gets me every time. How you feel like you have to have great posture to walk with your head held high being inches taller, how exciting! One of women's many talents, walking in heels without falling over your own feet haha...like I do without the help of wearing heels, think I'm just prone to falling flat on my face aha! But yes theses are a must have this season, don't miss out guys!

Hope you liked my bootie blog, which ones are your favourites? Please comment like and follow which would be lovely and a massive support! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

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