Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My extremely late introduction!

So I realized when I started my blog I didn't actually do an introduction about myself, I've popped afew details in my bio but that's about it!
 So my full name is Phoebe Jane Williams, pretty boring and simple really but there you go, I have a cockapoo called missy, if you've never heard of that bread of dog before just google it and you will actually cry over how cute they are, she's like a small black fluff ball who's just a cuddle monster. I live in Leeds in Yorkshire so yes I have a good old Yorkshire accent haha! I'm 17 years old with a mind of a 20 year old apparently....thanks fam and friends. Alittle too obsessed with beauty and fashion I think but I just love finding new and controversial trends. My make up collection is growing as I just adore trying new products out and feeding back to you guys. 
I'm not the quietest of types, pretty in your face but I just think silence and relaxation is boring except if I'm going to a that shit! 
I have two brothers whom are older then me so I guess you could say I'm highly protected haha. 
I'm not one of them girls who are all about exercise and fitness because to be honest I wouldn't really like to be skinny and I'm not the thinnest of builds, okay maybe I'd like to be abit more toned but I've come to terms with being a size 10  which I think is perfectly fine, I'd rather be a size 16 to be honest then a size 4/6, just love abit of curves aha. 

And as my best mate told me to mention her, she's called Megan and I guess you could say she's the sister I've never had, I been through a rough match recently, without using any swearing to express my feeling lets just say he was NOT a very nice person who inflict this upon me! and she's just my little support blanket. Love ya bubs! (Me:right) (Meg's:left)

Hope you enjoyed this very late intro to my blog, do you have any questions about me that you haven't found out from the post already? Please like comment and follow which would be great! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

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