Sunday, 5 January 2014

Haul haul haul!

Hey peeps!
so I went shopping yesterday as I was abit down in the dumps and needed abit of cheering up, I went with my best friend Megs! 
So here are the few things I bought.
As I'm going throughout a faze of being addicted to rings I purchased these from H&M, I love chunky rings especially as these are gold, I have weird lanky hands/fingers so I had to get extra small. Also my finger in the picture looks like my thumb but a very long thumb, it's actually my index finger to just clarify I don't actually have a messed up thumb haha!

Next is my real techniques blusher/powder brush which I think is the best brush I own! I just think the packaging it came in is so cool and perfessional as well, maybe not the best for contoring by it bein so big but its a really thick brush so is easy to brush all over your it! 

This was actually on one of my wish list blogs which I have finally purchased YAY!!!! Very happy girl! Don't dare to use it as it just looks so pretty and neat...yes I'm weird like that. Just don't want to ruin it aha! It's just so cute and compact, so easy just to pop in your bag if running late. You can begin ANY look with theses six essential shadows. Featuring both mattes and satins for lids, liners and crease. Had to be my best purchase of the day for sure!

So I wanted to try out powder as I do have pretty dry skin but my foundation never sets so had to purchase in some so here we are, it is the B set powder shade:medium(046). Haven't used it yet but will definitely update you on how it goes which will be in afew days as I start back at sixth form in two upsetting.  

Next is this bronzing powder by Miss sporty, kind of contradicts me as I am operate to sporty but it works a treat and I just love that there's to colours to work with so that gives you a healthy glowing complexion all day long as it has a perfect harmony of bronzing shades. I seriously recommend!

Last is this glittery baby pink nail polish from TOPSHOP which I actually used last night and straight away it went all clotty and gloopy; I was definitely not impressed! I took it off as soon as I could, the bottles cute though ha.

So I hope you have joyed my first haul, I'm sure there will be plenty more as I swear I'm a shopperholic aha! What are your newly purchased items? Please comment and like and follow which would be lovely. Thank you!
Love phoebe xoxox

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