Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My natural hair routine, quick and simple!

Hey guys!
 So I've done a straight hair routine look so I thought I'd just do my everyday 'can't be arsed look', people say "you can do so much with my hair phoebe" but it takes too long to do, my hair is naturally curly so I just leave it to spring up. I do wish it was naturally straight but to be honest if I'm wishing for anything I wish chocolate was slimming, anyway back to hair. I am actually realising that it's been growing recently; result!! But it does need a good cut which makes me want to cry, I'm going into that stage were you get bored of your hair and either want to get a fridge or chop it all off, I'm resisting....just!
So first I give my hair a right good brush through to stimulate the roots like always, looking beautiful in the first picture;) (excuse the no make up face throughout this blog post) This is my hair straightened which needed a good wash.
Might of broken another brush...oops!
Casually chilling in a turbin towel, I love theses great inventions because you can paint your nails, moisturise, tan etc without getting a wet back or the odd droplet running down your face and your hair is firmly secure. Brill! 
Then when I've done what I've wanted to do I put the Superdrug essential styling mousse to minimise/cancel frizz and stray hairs. My hair is so frizzy if I just leave it, think this mousse is just cheap and cheerful, the same as all the other expert brands. The frizz drives me crazy so I put a good amount of Mousse to keep it under control, it just loves to run wild! 
Hair without mousse (still damp though)
Hair with mousse (still damp though)

Next my beauties is I just leave it to dry over night or if it's dry before I go to sleep, add a big fat plait to give it a nice wave when I wake up so it doesn't look like I've been electrocuted...not a good look! Then pin it back or just leave it to sit how it likes and I'm done. No heat, no damaging, just a natural style. Feel guilty putting heat on my hair so I tend to keep giving my hairs breaks so it stays soft and strong.
Hope you liked this blog post, what's your natural hair like? Please like comment and follow which would be great! Will be doing simple, easy hair styles soon that you can do yourself, look out for it! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

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