Sunday, 16 February 2014

My new make up area!!!

I've promised myself to be a lot more organised...not sure how long that will last for but heres a start, popped down to IKEA and purchased this white shelve for only £8 then got a few quite quirky boxes for decoration and more storage. 

but now I've had this area for a few months now my make up collection has out grown it and my friend decided to lean on the shelve and it has become a little cricked so I'm back to the drawing board again for more bigger make up storage ideas, been looking on Pinterest for some and its made me addicted to Pinterest now, so many amazing ideas on there, HERES some ideas for you if you're thinking of re-decorating or need some storage ideas like myself. i hope they help!

Excuse my awkward body reflection in the background,  I just get so excited when my bedroom changes just even a little it. I always used to change my furniture around when I was little as I loved change and how it felt like a different room (was it just me that did that?). Alway I've got a lot more brushes then in the photo so I'm on the hunt for some really nice bottle to place them in. matching is boring to me so here comes the crazy patterned pots! I think theses are adorable! what do you think?

Throw your storage tips my way in the comments! I'd love to hear them!

Love phoebe xoxox

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