Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Well done puberty!

From geeky to gorgeous all these celebrities didn't start off with their perfect looks and one didn't have any luck at all.
we all see taylor swift as this perfect role body with perfect hair, teeth, skin, body. but compared with the younger her she's done pretty well for herself. Its crazy to think how puberty works but what ever it does a lot of these celebrities I'm sure are thankful.

well the Harr potter star has always been a pretty one...envious!

foolish me thought his character teeth were actually real, anyone else think that? but I found out they were fake, crazy how teeth can make such a difference...who knew.

reminiscing on my childhood with my favourite TV show, Drake and Josh was a classic comedy program about two step brothers, the character 'Josh' being the ugly one of the brothers has definitely changed now. 

The well known twilight star was not always such a looker. 

Oops maybe not for this unfortunate guy, being home alone for so long did not treat him well! Aha. The first time I'm going to say this but that beard is not a good look and I love my bearded men!!

Hope you enjoyed this post, i]I know it was a little different compared my beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts but thought id turn things up alittle. You know anyother celebrities that have gone through puberty in the right way? Please drop a comment down below! Thank you. don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!
Love Phoebe xoxox

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