Saturday, 19 April 2014


Alittle 'oops look what happened' haul, as I accidentally stepped into the drug store Boots, and knowing me, I couldn't stop my self. Had to splash out on afew things! I don't even realise I'm doing it but...but before I know it I'm at the till with a basket full of goodies:/

Anyway here's afew items I purchased yesterday for you to have alittle look at...
I've wanted to be try this smashbox studio skin foundation for ages so I will definately keep you up dated! Might have to do a review? I got it in the lightest colour '1.1'.
This powder from rimmel is transient, which I really wanted as a feature in myaA powder as the one I have now turns me orange..not the best look walking around like an umpa lumpa!
So I may have a little addiction with real techniques brushes, I purchased the stippling brush awhile ago and I'm not loving it when appling my foundation as I feel is soaks up most of it so I thought I'd give this one ago, the expert face brush. Just adore how soft they are on your skin, love full brushes, so if I need to spend afew more pennies it's a sacrifice I am willing to take!
Needed a little cheepy eyeshadow brush to buff out sharp edges when wanting a smokey eye effect, as this was only £4 you can't go wrong really.
So this is literally the best concealer ever! I love it, I've tried many other concealer from other drug store concealers to higher end products. It's full coverage with a matte finish, I have the fair 1 shade and I have extreme pale skin. Would truly recommend this beauty!
Thanks for reading, hope you liked this post! What make up could you not live without? Please like which would be awesome and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin'.

Love Phoebe xoxox

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  1. Gostei do corretivo,querida!
    Não posso viver sem, pois tenho olheiras genéticas e acordo e já passo meu corretivo, para ter uma aparência mais saudável e mais light!
    Também sou pálida e fica muito complicado, pois preciso de blush,mas tem que ser moderado!
    bjus e boa dica!

  2. Love this post and your blog! Would love if you could have a look at my blog :) x