Monday, 9 June 2014

My Re-purchased products!

As I've always been a big fan off make up I've gone through a lot of products which Ive either loved, hated or grown to love, here are some of the products I couldn't live without and have re-purchased them over and over again....
This false lash effect fusion from max factor I just love, as my lashes are pathetic little hairs I need all the help I can get. This masara just makes them look thicker and longer, also the appearance of the pretty purple adds to it!
Here we can the stay flawless 15-hour primer from Benefit, as my skin type is extremely dry I need all the moisture I can get as my foundation starts to look flakey and patchy. This primer is a dream, it does it's job and keeps my skin looking flawless...thanks benefit you star!

So the MAC pro longwear used to be my go to for foundation, I re-purchased it then found myself buying the smashbox studio skin aswell and I've just been hooked onto that aswell but I still love the this one too, it's perfect when you're having a bad skin day!
The collection perfection concealer is super for completely full coverage as it's thick texture can cover up's a machine! (Weird as the writing always rubs off though:( )
Bourjois have the most prettiest blushers ever, as you can see I changed the colour when re purchasing it just to try other ones but all are beautiful!
YUM!! All Alberto balsam conditioners smell incredible, especially this raspberry flavour one! I could smell it for days! Lovely!
Always protect your hair guys! The TRESemmé heat defence spray gives the kick of shine and moisture that it needs as it protects your gorgeous her from any heat damage! I love it, one bottle lasts forever too.
I fully understand why these dry shampoos are so popular, their cheap and smell incredible!! Giving me the feeling of fresh floaty hair, yay batiste!!
As I have ezcema my skin is not welcoming to many fake tan products(well not many products generally) this is the only self-tanning product the doesn't bring me out in heeps of red sores so high five to you Dove summer glow self-tanner lotion!
Then we have to iconic Vaseline, I always have it in my bag, just to through in when you're on the move, never fails to keep my lips smooth and soft!

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