Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ESPA review!

From having a very long and hard contemplation over using ESPA skin products from having had experiences before when trying new products on my sensitive skin (always coming out in a rash), I took a chance and I'm so thankful it paid off, from speaking to the lovely ESPA ladies at the blog Yorkshire event they reccomended a dry and sensitive ESPA goody bag for me and my friend/fellow blogger Katherine to try out, as we both have had eczema since we were little skin products are a scary area to explore. with reassurance that all the products were fragrance free and natural this created a little bit more confidence for me to try their products out.

From using the exfoliating body polish I feel like my skin is a lot more healthy in the way it looks and feels, I've had comments from family and friends who have said that my skin has been looking a lot more clearly in the way that I have less visible blemishes. As I have very dry skin its important for me to exfoliate to get rid of any layers of dry/dead skin as it doesn't look very appealing and theres nothing better then having silky soft revitalised skin. 

Having eczema is a real pain in the booty so when I found products that my skin doesn't agree with its a real relief, as we all hopefully wash our bodies on a daily basis I normally use proscribed shower gel/wash which is more of a cream substance. I took a risk and tried the ESPA energising shower gel....don't think I've ever smelt so good in my life! And nope it did not effect my skin. hurray!!! 

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Thanks again ESPA for my goodie bag!!

Love Phoebe xoxox

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