Monday, 11 August 2014

what was in my blog Yorkshire goodie bag?

hello everyone!
It was so exciting to get home from a lovely day at the blog Yorkshire event, it was in leeds on saturday the 12th of July  located in the revolution bar. Loved looking through all the amazing goodies I received from so many amazing brands. 
All the reviews on the products will be coming very soon. the day was amazingly organised, go check out my post here about how the day went for me.

- I love the ESPA bag that I received the goodies in, looks so professional and slick.
  Also an extra pouch of more goodies with mini samples of an optimal skin proserum, hydrating floral spafresh, hydrating cleansing milk and a 24-hour replenishing moisturiser to try out, I am so excited to review them all and feed back to you guys.
  I adore Lee stafford products and as I have extremely frizzy/curly hair Arganoil from morocco products are perfect for me. the anti-frizz serum spray and the flexible hold hairspray are the perfect pair to challenge my wild hair. Thankyou!
I've just started using the skinetica anti-blemish super toner make up base all in one and I'm intrigued to what its going to do, publishing a review very soon. as its suitable for all skin types I trust that my sensitive skin is in save hands.
 - How cute is the summer style picnic blanket, can't wait to plan picnics to try this out.
- I don't normally use hand lotion but i think I might start as this 'hand it to me dreamy hand cream' smells and feel so nice on my skin, can see this being in my handbag essencials.
- Haven't yet had a little use of the joey essex volumising powder but I'm sure I will soon.
This He-shi three step discovery kit I won on the incredible raffle, i was so excited when they read my number out, i went a little crazy (I never really win anything). so excited to get my tan on....yay!
- Think I cried with happiness when I saw an Estee lauder foundation brush... eeeeeekkk!!
- Elizabeth Arden is a well known brand for a reason, I love how pure and natural their products are, they have never negatively effected my skin so I'm sure this eight hour cream will not disappoint me.
-This cute little Sisley paris perfume sample smells likes heaven, i enjoy sweat smells and this fits perfectly.
- country attire your lip balm is now in my hand bag essentials.
- Excited to style these glasses... challenge accepted.
- Then a cute handy pen to throw in my bag also.
- The Quiz clothes cookies were so cute, think I ate too many.
Thankyou washi! For the skin polishing kit, the hot towels feel gorgeous on my face.
- A little sack of goodies including popping candy just topped it off!
- Can't wait to do some crazy nail art with all the nail gems and the nail perfection file.
- Also some gel pads for them times when my feet ache from wearing heels for hours.

- The health of my skin, hair and nails are so important so I'm intrigued if these perfectil tablets are going to work, will start taking them tomorrow, make sure you check out my review next week guys!
- I've never tried A.K.A nail polish but I will soon, the colour is so pretty, thankyou A.K.A
 -Then we have the oriflame beauty wonder lash mascara, i love thin plastic lash brushes, they really define each lash I think and as mine are rather pathetic each lash counts haha! 

- Heres the A.KA nail polish again, just wanted to show you what the colour actually looks like in the bottle.
 - Heres me attempting to model this adorable flower bobble, the colour is just gorgeous, i really think pink hair accessories compliment blondes. Sorry I don't know where its from but heres a similar one for you.

-Samples excite me, I've never had tea samples before and im a great fan of tea so this was perfect to find.
-In the purple samples we have the nealandwolf ritual cleansing shampoo and conditioner, will be trying them out tonight.
- Here's the two make up brushes I received; one being the Estée lauda foundation brush which I'm exciting to try out, the outlook of the brush is just so pretty to look at, i have a thing with brushes, if their not eye catching i wont buy them. Anyone else like that?
- The second one is a Nanshy blending brush which I am in need of, I'm wanting to improve my brush collection, any brand recommendations?
Let's take a moment to reccognise how better the quality of my Cannon camera is compared to my iphone!
Anyway how cute is this mini brush I got with the batiste Pixie Lott dry adorable i just want to scream (yes I'm weird).
- I love the smell of green tea products but im never too sure if they do anything for your skin but I'll soon findout, its a ginvera green tea exfoliating marvel gel which is said to deep cleanse, make you skin feel younger and give clear fresh skin in a minute. this product creates very high expectations..we will see if it keeps up to them (I will report back to you on that one)!
- so I've had a little sniff of the 100% organic raw coconut oil and for a first impression I'm not too sure as the smell has taken me back alittle but im still going to check it out, apparently you can eat it by adding it to cake/bun mixture so will have to give that a go for sure. this product intrigues me which isn't a bad thing.

well thats it for my bag of goodies, I'm so thankful to all the amazing brands at the blog yorkshire event and to all the lovely people I met. i had a great day! please comment if you have tried any of these products before or if you'd just like to chat about products you've been recently trying out, I'd love to hear!
my reviews on the products are on their way.
Can't wait for the next blog Yorkshire event !
love Phoebe xoxox

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  1. What a fab goody bag! I think Blogger events are such a good way to actually meet the bloggers you follow :) x

    1. i couldn't get over how many amazing gifts we all received! yes i totally agree, love meeting fellow bloggers:) can't wait for the next one! x