Sunday, 10 August 2014

black, white and gold

well done Phoebe...just realised you can see my green bra, FAB! anyway I love this three quarter skirt from Topshop, feel like a little girl again, being able to spin around, letting it rise up like I'm about to take off, I must admit I've done it a few times, is that just me? As theres slits on either side i can't feel restrained and so my legs can breathe when its a hot summery day.

As have been back from Spain for a month now my tan has nearly gone which makes me want to cry, here comes a lot of fake tanning sessions coming my way (get ready for some orange selfies!). 

Not a big fan of horizontal stripes on me as I have curves, however for some reason this crop top is an acception and as it has long sleeves it makes me feel that little bit more confident as I am not a big fan about having my arms on show.

Don't ask...haven't got a clue what I am doing! Apparently I think I'm a bird.

Because I thought the splits weren't obviously enough I made this very flattering pose for you all to giggle at. Whacking out the old pale legs, I apologise.

Crop top, belt and skirt-Topshop // Heels-Jeffrey Campbells

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Love Phoebe xoxox

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