Saturday, 30 August 2014

Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream | review

Creams usually have a water base, with a white appearance and hydrating sensation. But the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is individual.
With its thick intense texture the application is rather theraputic as the consistency is similar to a face mask, therefore its unusual to leave on. with an extremely dry tee zone, my moisturising routine is very important as I despise the feeling of dry and cracked skin at bed time, obviously this cream is for night time skin routines, only as it takes up to eight hours to soak in and do its magic.

The strong diffusing scent powers through all your senses and I feel it clears and revitalises the airways. 

As I've been using this product for around a week now I've realised how my skin feels a lot tighter. Even though I'm still young and don't have serious wrinkles, but with my eczema, my skin isn't as tight as a normal teenagers skin as my skin has had to work hard to regularly repair it's self from each sore. But it's a great feeling knowing my skin is fuller.

Its so satisfying to wake up in the morning and still have hydrated skin. the texture, as you can see below is quite unusual and intimidating from its appearance. I'm so glad I tried it out, never would of predicted it would turn into one of my favourite skincare products, but with it being rather expensive it will have to be a luxury product to purchase around my birthday and christmas time. I was lucky enough to receive this tube at the Blog Yorkshire event in my goodie bag to try out. 
A definite recommendable product in my eyes!

What skin product have you been loving recently?
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