Friday, 1 August 2014

Optimal Skin Proserum review!

I always relate serum with a greasy substance, feeling like you've got a wet slimy face but from using the ESPA optimal skin proserum my opinion on serum has totally changed, as its proved that not all serums have to feel like you've smeared olive oil all over my face. when I get out of the shower my skin feels drained and deperately searching for a boost of hydration. Thats my pet hate, having dry tight skin! but since I've been using the ESPA optimal skin proserum I truly feel my skin looks better and definitely feels better in the way it does not felt cracked from dehydration.

With the help of the syringe I pop one drop on each cheek, forehead and nose to give a balance of moisture. I've never been satisfied with any product but my proscribed cream, its crazy how discovering new brands can actually change you skin routine all together. This is were being a blogger is such a positive thing, as I've struggled with my skin all my life, finding the right product can make such a difference. Can't wait to try more products from ESPA.

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I've truly enjoyed trying out the beautiful brand that is ESPA, I'm so thankful to of been given such a lovely goodie bag! 
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love phoebe xoxox

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