Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Allertons Bloggers Event!

Allertons is a new beauty salon that opened in The Light at Leeds city centre only four months ago, I was lucky enough to receive a tweet from them inviting me to their bloggers event on Tuesday the 7th of October. With the lovely welcoming staff and being pampered with their gorgeous products you could say I was in my version of heaven.

With their gorgeous Paul & Joe beauty products me and all of the attended bloggers got spoilt, being pampered for hours. It consisted of the extremely talented Allertons team giving us a manicure, blow dry and a gorgeous make up look (I was given a red carpet smokey eye look). If you ask me the Paul and Joe products are to die for, thanks to the make up artist Katharina who did miracles on my tired looking face. (there was a serious case of panda eyes going on). The Paul and Joe eyebrow powder made my eye brows look so defined and shaped, I never thought of mixing two colours but the shades were perfect. I'm in need to purchase their concealer, perfect to cover up shadows under eyes.

why is it that when you get your nails done you feel so much more elegant, or is that just me? whats the trend now with nails, are short nails in? There was so many colours to choose from, it was a very hard decision if you ask me. Pastel colours are my weakness, and what do you know,  most of the nail polishes were pastel colours, I was in nail heaven! I went for a duck blue, I've been really getting into my blues at the moment, might even dip dye my hair, what do you think? gGo check out their nail polish collection HERE! And how odd, the nail polish remover smelt amazing, you need to smell it to believe it!

Then is was onto hair, so I'm not a big fan of blow dries from negative past experiences, my hair is rather  overwhelming with the mass of it, extreme to say the least; frizzy, curly, long and thick, what a combination ay! But the wizard of hair called Dean did my hair, he wasn't even phased one bit, don't think I've ever walked out of any hair dressers so happy with the result, so seek, silky and soft. Its official, I've changed hair dressers for good. Thank you very much Dean! Go give him a follow on twitter HERE!

Heres the Essence Absolue nourishing oil-in-cream that was used on my hair, this is definitely going to be my next hair purchase. If you're got dull damaged hair like me or searching for a lift of brightness and an improvement in your hairs condition I would seriously recommend to go out and purchase this miracle worker!

Thank you again to the team at Allertons for making be feel all special and pretty! Loved meeting fellow bloggers and seeing some familiar faces from the Blog Yorkshire event, hope to see you all again very soon!

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 Love Phoebe xoxox

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  1. Im glad you had fun! and i am very interested in that nail polish remover because i can never paint my nails because the smell puts me off.

    1. Thankyou:) yes I was so surprised of the smell! Here's the link to it for you:)

  2. Looks like a wonderful event, and I love that nail shade!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. It was a lovely evening, yes I am in love with this colour!!:)