Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Revamp, refresh, restart.

This is just a quick post which is wrapping up my blog 'flawless flares' that I started when I was 16 years old (don't ask me why I named my blog that) and starting fresh, revamping my blog suiting the soon to be hitting 20 year old Phoebe Jane Williams. Just writing that makes me want to cry, the fact my teenage years are nearly up is frightening! Anyhow to summarise what to expect from my blog now is still topics that I love; beauty fashion and food etc...but also I moved to Australia!!! Realistic travel styling, travel essentials, activities, picturesque scenery and other crazy antics will be splattered all over here too.

I'm happy to say I'm a fully blown traveller and I love it, hostels are my home, sports bras are my new best friend and supermarket own branded soups is my meat (don't judge until you have actually been travelling).  To think I have my own en suite, double bed and wardrobe back at home, the reality is here I'm lucky to get in a shower that doesn't feel like someone is peeing on my back! As disgusting as that sounds its the truth and the pure beauty is the simple thing of a powerful shower can actually make your day when travelling; appreciating the simple things in life is the most important lesson I have leant so far.

I'm sat in my hostel bunk above a french guy playing a ukelele, smelling bleach from my brother dying his hair for the fifth time in the communal toilets and fighting off my hunger pains until I eventually fall to sleep. So I think its time to wrap up this I'm back/welcome to my new blog post and I hope you enjoy it! As always don't hesitate to go wild in the comments, everyone has room for improvement especially me! 
P.S I'm going to attempt to vlog, so thats going to be interesting.

Phoebe Jane xoxo

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