Monday, 30 December 2013

My favourite outfits of 2013

Hey people so it's New Year's Eve tomorrow ,you excited?! I am! and I can not wait to get a glass of wine down me and dance with my girlys, I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and will have a fab New Years!

So here's my first outfit from 2013, I actually wore this for my first day of sixth form; wanted to make a good first impression as everyone does when they start somewhere new. Didn't wear bare legs though as its alittle too chilly for that. I absolutely love this silk dress from topshop, it's a pale blue and just floats over your body, I added a belt to bring my waist in and to give the dress abit more ruffles. I'm wearing cut out boots with a paintent toe which I think are my favourite booties I own! Then I added my winter boyfriend jacket from H&M which keeps me nice and warm in the chilly breezes of England weather. Excuse the mess in the background..I'm a messy pup! Haha
Here's another one of my favourite outfits of 2013, theses trousers from H&M I just adore, there so comfy, high weightiest trousers are my favourite!! As I have rather long legs I had to roll them up, showing abit of leg is never bad thing haha. I added my black lace top from Topshop which goes with everything, then adding a gold belt to pull the outfit together, sorry don't have any shows on but obviously would have to go with my  favourite booties to finish it it!

These trousers from topshop are just so fun and different with all the cordillera flowers scattered all over, wearing a white crop top to let the trousers stand out then a vintage orange necklace to match my boofy hair style. I had freshly lighted hair here, depressing times! Oops don't have an shows in, but it would have to be my booties again aha!

I hope you liked a quick insight into my favourite outfits of 2013, I sure do! Please comment and like that would me greatly appriciated. Do you like any of my outfits if so which is your favourite?!
Love Phoebe xoxox 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Three glorious features of my bedroom!!

So I thought I'd show you around my bedroom with afew pictures and descriptions of my favourite things, here we go!

My incredible Marilyn Monroe wall paper which I actually adore, even though she died before I was born. She is pretty much my inspiration in life! As I'm not the slimmest of girls she's my idol. Symbolising that everyone's gorgeous no matter what size you are(alittle inspiration quote for you there).
Next my beautiful poster of good old Bob Marley, I apologise if you don't like bob Marley or just dislike his music but I just think he's amazballs with his cute little smile haha! 

Thirdly my goodie stash, every person needs one of these in her life(well I do)..mine constantly needs refilling oops! But girls/guys if you have had a really bad day or just need a little snack I would recommend making one. You're probably thinking that I'm obese or something but I can assure you I'm not..I don't think haha. Anyway yeah love that!

So there you are, three features of my room which I love, this was just a quick post before I go to bed as I thought I'd show you something that's more on a personal level so I hope you liked it, please comment and like which would me greatly appreciated, thank you for reading! 
Love phoebe xoxox

Need help for New Years outfit!!

So tomorrow is my last chance to go new years outfit shopping, please can you helps me...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Something wow but not really tight as I'm quite curvey so dont want all my lump and bumps on show aha. Please comment any suggests you have and maybe your outfits for New Years also..thank you!
Love phoebe xoxox

Saturday, 28 December 2013

My unique skin routine

So this is a rather narrow blog but for the people who have eczema I'm crossing my fingers that this will help you. As having eczema all my life it's a flipping pest and I absolutely hate it, would never wish it up on anyone. I hope one day I'll grow out of it but for now this is my day to day skin routine. Enjoy!

So here's my all round moisturiser which is called aqueous cream. I literally don't know what I'd do without it. I bring it everywhere with me, it's like my little comfort blanket. Even if I'm going downstairs for a glass of water I always have it in some sort of container in my pocket just in case a dried area of skin pops up haha. Okay I may sound weird but I just hate the feeling of having tight cracked skin. You can purchase it from any pharmacy for like 4-5 pounds and it lasts for ages!
Next is my hydrocortisone cream which is steroid cream, go to your doctors of course to get perscripted for it as I have, it mainly targets the really sore and inflamed areas, it can also be used for insect bites and of course mild to moderate eczema. I use this sparingly twice a day when my eczema gets unbearable. It works a dream for me so to my eczema buddies out there I seriously recommend it!
Next, this is more of a beauty area. This is a gradual self tan body lotion by Dove which I just adore and it doesn't effect my eczema or harms/irritates it in anyway, I just put a fine lay all of my body resulting in a natural glow. This never fails to really moisturise my skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and smelling good enough to eat haha!
Aqueous cream:£4-5.00//hydrocortisone cream:£2.00//Dove self tanning body lotion:£
I really do hope these trips help you, please comment and like, drop in your skin routine in the comment box? How do you moisturise? Ask any questions and I'll be happy to answer all of them
Love phoebe xoxox

Friday, 27 December 2013

Back on the topic of my wish list

As you are probably aware by now if you're seen my others posts that I rather like well none make up brands like MAC and Bobbi brown, there are many others one other being urban decay, I say this in shame but I've never actually purchased an urban decay product but my friends go nuts as I always use there naked pallets. Another thing I need to save up for...would be a lot easier if I just won the lottery aha! 
So this is the Naked basic palette which you can purchase for £20. I think it's pretty good to say all the colours are most of peoples favourites, I find them colours are just what I would need. I also find how some eyeshadows crack and crumble very easy or create a dusty substance when applying.
However I find naked pallets have more of a solid or either a sort of cream base to it as the eyeshadow on my eye lids never show any cracks or creaces.
Going on to the naked palettes 1,2 and 3 ,it's rather effective how they have some kind of colour co-ordination running throughout. The case of the orginal Naked palette actually looks like one of them inspiring placks you put up in your kitchen or something. And I'm addicted to inspiration placks, I've actually done a post on my recent quote I bought, hope you check it out!

Now looking inside the palettes, I find that as you go down the palette collection the colours become more daring as naked3 has more natural and golden tones which I prefer to wear while the orginal Naked palette which has more vibrant exotic tones which I think would work really well with women who have big bold eyes compared to me who has tiny eyes. 
Naked proves that neutrals are anything but dull and boring. The original Naked palette has 12 bronze-hued neutrals, then we have Naked2 with 12 cooler tones, taupe-hued shades. Naked3 lets you experiment with 12 totally new rose-hued neutrals in every finish imaginable. From the palest, shimmery pink to the deepest black matte with red micro-glitter, these neutrals will make you want to get naked all over again! Each palette includes a shadow brush which you can do all kinds of shading with. 
Naked basics:£20.00//Original Naked:£37.00//Naked2:£37.00//Naked3:£37.00

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I'd appriciate all your comments and likes. Questions are very welcome. What's your best palette? Is it on your wish list? Any suggests you would like me to discuss in my next blogs?
Love phoebe xoxox

Tonight's make up routine

Firstly I start with my Mac Pro long wear foundation which gets rid of any unwanted blemishes I may have (which is a lot). I really like this foundation because it doesn't really feel like you're actually wearing foundation and just makes you look flawless. It normally lasts me for around about 3-4 months as well so it's lasts while so the money is worth it I promise you. I have number 20 as I like to have a warm tanned look. Excuse the mess of the bottle, I'm not the best person when it comes to cleaning my make up haha.
Secondly I apply my concealer which is the lasting perfection by Collection, I love this concealer as it's cheap and does the trick, been wearing this for afew years now and it's perfect to fall back on when I'm out and about when suddenly I magically get a spot or bags appear so I denfinately recommend this life saver. The shade I use is fair 1 which is the lightest one you can get. It just lifts my eyes up and gives a flawless finish. 
Then my MAC powder which I just put all over my face to give that all over glow as I'm as palm as a sheet so plenty on for me!

Thirdly I apply a eyeshadow base which I put on before my eyeshadow to ensure it stays looking freshly applied, i love the name, it's great, it's called lemon aid by Benefit. It's so random but cool. The first time I actually came across it I smelt it to see if it actually smelt like lemonade, I was highly disappointed...another blonde moment of mine haha.
It's a light yellow substance which you layer lightly on the eye lid remembering to to cover the hole eye lid then I start with the eyeshadow.
Sorry about my shoulders reflecting off the lid, I tried to angle it so it didn't lget my awkward face in haha. So this is the MAC pallet which you can personal with your favourite eyeshadows instead of buying individual pots which I find is to cluttered when there all in my make up bag. Anyway I first put a lay of the light cream eyeshadow, covering all my eye lid then in the creace of my eye lid I work in the dark brown colour creating a smokey effect

Finished eyes, excuse my big nose in the corner haha. I love smokey eyes, makes them look bigger and exaggerated I think making your eyes pop.
Then mascara which I just love applying, I use two mascaras, first one is the false lash effect fusion by Max Factor(£10-12), it enhances each and every lash giving you that false lash effect. The thick brush extends the lashes which helps me a lot as I don't have very long lashes.
Then my second mascara is the trust worthy MAC mascara called bad bad black opulash which I think just thickens your lashes without that clunky, clogging effect.
Then my gorgeous MAC lipstick called viva glam 1 which I wear if I'm going for a meal, event, party ect...I really like this colour as my idol Marilyn Monroe used to wear a similar colour so the obsessive fan I am I thought I'd have to try it out (unfortunately but obviously looks better on her).

Then last but not least my amazing brushes I apply my make with, again MAC which never seems to disappoint me. I've popped labels on each brush just so if you wasn't too sure which ones were which then you do now. These brushes you can take anywhere as they aren't over sized which is why I find them so handy as you can just slip them in your makeup bag without any struggle; nothing's  worse then bent brissles on your make up brushes!
MAC foundation: £25.00//collection concealer:£3.99//MAC blot press powder:£20.00//lemonaid: £16.50//eyeshadow pallet:£16.00//singular eyeshadows:£10.00//false lash effect max factor mascara:£10.99//MAC mascara:£14.00//MAC viva glam lipstick:£15.00//MAC brush set:£42.00

Hope you enjoyed reading my make up routine and I'd love to know what your make up routine is? feel welcome to comment/like or ask any questions and I'll be happy to answer all of them!
Love phoebe xoxox

Getting into the festive spirit

To get in to the festive spirit I wear Bobbi brown red lip stick called old Hollywood 2 for £19 which is a bright red colour that will catch anyone's attention. I got bought this lipstick for my birthday this year in September by my grandma..yes my grandma, I was shocked too, she is a pretty cool grandma though if I do say so myself! 
This lipstick I just adore, it's long wearing as it stays on my lips all day still keeping that pure, bright and freshly applied look to it. You can wear it in all seasons of course, I think it just gives you that classy look everyone's searching for. Definitely has a perminent place in my travel make up bag for sure next to my nude lipsticks as sometimes I like to go for a natural look also. Is red your favourite colour lip stick? Comments and likes would be greatly appreciated as I'd love to found out your opinion on your favourite lip stick/s and lip glosses?

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Midi rings are a must have this season!

These simple gold midi rings are from H&M which I purchased only a week ago, they are inclusive in a set of 15 rings all different sizes so no restrictions on the width of you finger. As I have scrorny fingers I wear the smallest rings. Then the  larger ones I find are perfect for thumb rings.
Theres three sizes so can be used for any part of your finger, I think there just an easy accessory which can be pulled off with any outfit.
Midi rings from H&M: £3.99// love heart ring from accessorize: had for ages, think it was about £6
My nail Polish was from Accessorize which I got for Christmas in a set of nine different nail polishes, I apologise my mum peeled off the price before wrapping it up so can't reveal how much the set was but the colours are beautiful so I denfinitely recommend going down and purchasing them!
The set comes with block colours and glittery over covers making the different a styles that can me created endless.
Like/Comment, would love to know which colour/s you like the most!

A simple and easy hair style

So as I have very thick and long hair I like to put it up and out the why a lot as is takes so long to do anything with. 
The perfect solution for a quick and easy hair style: pop a donut in your hair... No not an actual sugar donut but a hair piece which you wrap your hair around then pin and there you have it a simple hair style when your in a rush(sorry about the untidy bun of mine I did it just to give you an idea, I'm sure yours will be better). 
You can purchase them from anywhere and there cheap as chips, Boots, Super drug, eBay, supermarkets etc... Here are a few for you to have a look at:

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

On pause with the wish list. My new MAC lipstick!

Just recieved a present from my Antie which is this gorgeous lipstick from MAC. I think now my family members are understanding my obsession with make up. Just the sight of this packaging makes me all excited. 
How make up from e.g MAC actually stays on all day. No false advertising, just the really thing. You can't go wrong. This lush shade of red is called 'viva glam 1' only for £15 each which will last you for ages, I still have a MAC lipstick from two years ago. It's a must have when going for an expensive look or even just dressing up an outfit. 
MAC lipstick never fails to make your lips stand out, making your lips look filler and plumper. P.s Sorry about the pouting but it had to be done haha! Check out the viva glam collection here