Tuesday, 14 June 2016

#1 Traveller wardrobe

Never thought I'd be this regretful of what I've packed to come to Australia but it has to be said, what was I thinking! the disappointing fact that I've had to bin so many of my nice clothes because the true reality of travelling is you look shit the majority of the time and thats okay. The true beauty of being a traveler is that your clothes don't need to be clean, as long as they past the smell test you are set to go.  I'm wearing the same top on now that I've been wearing for three days straight and I still class it as clean. Don't worry I make sure my bodies clean as a whistle, even if I do have to stand under a dripping 'shower' for 3 hours. 
Its funny to think I obsessed over hygiene and having to have my hair and makeup always fully done back home, but here I'm impressed with myself if I manage to pluck even one eye brow or use conditioner! saying that, that is the one thing you can't scrimp on, shampoo and conditioner! i used $2 shampoo when I came over and my scalp was ruined, with being in the sun nearly everyday, remembering Australia has a gap in their ozone layer which allows more UV rays to come in, making my scalp red raw. so a massive tip if you find yourself travelling, get yourself some highly moisturising shampoos and conditioners!
Anyway heres my little outfit of the day when myself, Lewis and Katie went round Brisbane on bikes for a little adventure. Enjoy!

Shorts: Levis
 crop top: Topshop
 Slip ons: Boohoo
sunglasses: Universal store (Australian store)

Love shooting in the sun, especially when theres live bands playing everywhere. Australia is definitely the place for me!
Hope you enjoyed this little outfit post, I've also done a post on the activities we got up to while I was shooting these photos so go check that out HERE!

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