Friday, 31 January 2014

My beautiful bath time essentials

Hey peeps!
I've had dead lines after dead lines this week so I was in a desperate need of a nice hot bubble bath to relax from a long hard week.
I purchased in some gorgeous smelly candles, never been a candley person but recently the mother has so got me into the craze and they just look so pretty and peaceful when their burning, think it just creates a more tranquil atmosphere not to forget to mention the amazing smell that fills the room.
Here's alittle view of how cute my bath was looking hehe.
This crisp apple candle was from Matalan. Don't normally like the smell of apples that much to really want to purchase a apple fragranced candle as it smells abit bitty and sickly but this just smells more sweet with a perfume extract to it.
I got this Mistletoe bouquet candle from a stationary shop in meadow hall, think the jar is just adore, will definately being using it to put all my make up brushes in also when it's finished. So many uses! Aha, love abit if recycling hehe! Is that just me that does this?
This body shop body butter is to die for, I could smell it for days! It lasts for so long aswell, got this and the body scrub for Christmas and doesn't even look like I've used any.
Like my personal touch of the red tag? Aha I just adore this, Dove never seem to disappoint me with their products, makes my skin feel silky soft and pampered.

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Phoebe xoxox

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Favourite sixth form attire

Hey peeps!
So I love my comfies that consist of trackies, hoodies and extra large t-shirts but unfortunately I have to smarten up my attire on week days for sixth form. Still keeping my outfit comfy of course, can't do with itchy and irritating fabrics, not my jam aha! 
Here's my ootd, as it's still chilly had to chuck on my boyfriend jacket from H&M. 
Adore this cosy jumper from Zara, I purchased it two years ago and found it the other night, as I'm not the tidiest of people so I always come across things I thought I binned or forgotten I've even owned in the first's like Christmas all over again.
Can't believe I found these shorts in Matalan, I will never underestimate Matalan again, got some fab clothes in there and will be returning very soon. Might even do a haul!
Their high weisted and so comfy, can't stand clothing that's impossible to move in and are stiff as a board, it needs to be loosy goosy for my likings hehe.
What a shocker; I'm wearing my boohoo booties again. Think I'm alittle absessed! 


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Love phoebe xoxox

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Flawless flares : Blushing blues

Flawless flares : Blushing blues

My favourite winter look with my trust worthy booties from

Winter glamour!

Hey peeps
So I'm a girl that hates the winter as it comes with freezing weather...not good!! I'm a summer girl with the fake tan constantly on and the tinted moisturiser as a essential in my night/morning skin care routine, love a bit of glowing skin! Heres one of the favourites out of my winter outfits this year.

Skater skirts I just adore, gives you the impression of a tiny waist and thin legs and if you're lucky buggers and have that already well I am extremely jealous! This deep blue skater skirt is from Topshop which I purchased ages ago, still love it though.
Also this shear backless black lace top from Topshop is one of my favourite tops I own, so classy and elegant with sleeves a little longer then shoulder length as I don't really like having my shoulders on parade. 
Then pulling it all together with a gold arrowed detailed belt giving the outfit a touch more glam! 
Then of course my trust worth knee high gorgeous booties from, oh how I love these leg hugging beauties. Excites me to wear these babies! I fully recommend purchasing knee high boots for this season, especial boots, I couldn't get over the prize, only £32!! Bargain and if you know me well you'd understand how must I am obsessed with finding a good bargain aha! A sense of satisfaction comes to me, can't go wrong. (Excuse the electrocuted looking hairstyle).

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Love phoebe xoxox

Friday, 24 January 2014

Gold and black wonder!

Hey peeps
So this is my favourite winter outfit as it's got a dash of gold glittery. I hope you're all having a fab January, I've got the January blues so went and got myself a personal trainer to tone up as I've always wanted to do it, just sick of having to suck in all the time, so this time I'm determined. I read this cute inspirational quote on the gym wall 'if you're tired of starting over, don't give up in the first place' and that describes me as a whole, I always give in but this time I hope it will be different.

This glittery leaf pattern shirt I spotted at a charity shop in my village, fell in love! Holding on to the Christmas feeling with the gold glittery colours. Dressing it down with tying it up or relaxed which just layers over my leather skin tight skirt. It's shear and sparkley; my favourite combination! Excuse the cheeky black bra, wrong colour to wear!

This leather skirt from H&M just makes me smile, I was looking for one for ages, it's always when you're not looking for it you find what you was always wishing for and this little gem straight away caught my eye.  

I am actually in love with these knee high boots from, through these cold frosty days I just dread being constantly cold so having my black swade boots hugging my legs makes me a happy girl! For £32 I couldn't resist! Sorry, I look like a right moody bugger in all of these pictures, it's been a long week! Aha

Hope you liked my black and gold look. What's your favourite winter trends? Please like, comment and follow which would be great! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

Monday, 20 January 2014

Food glorious food!

Hey peeps!
So my mum has invested in a personal trainer therefore all the family have to join in on the healthy eating program. To be honest I don't mind, each meal doesn't leave you feeling heavy and bloated but comfortably fully, I'm kind of a hypocrite though as my favourite meal is stew and dumplings which is quite stodgy itself, just love the soft spongey dumplings, hmm hmm hmmmm! But healthy eating is the way forwards with the occasional dumpling aha. 'You are what you eat' saying I think is rubbish though as everyone needs alittle chocolate every now and again, I definately couldn't live without it anyway!

So this is grilled vegetables and tomato chicken stew; beautiful! Love alternating the chicken with salmon as well so it's abit different.
Hope you liked my out of the ordinary post as my focus is normally beauty and fashion but I fancied something different! What's your favourite meal? Please like comment and follow which would be great! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Retro let's go!

So it's coming up to the summer days of shorts and sheer T's but I'm the type of girl who will always wear her jeans in all seasons, pairing them with a suitable match ob course. Here as it was a nice day I went for a flower print, white, shoulder capped top, having a sheer effect, suiting it with a skin coloured bra.
 High weisted jeans creates a waist I didn't know I had! With the features of the back pockets, high waist and deep colour giving it a 1080s vibe! 
Throughing on a gorgeous vintage coral necklace, with the splash of bright coral which I think just finishes the outfit off.

Top:charity shop
Necklace: Wetherby boutique

What item(s) of clothing could you not live without, if you had to choose? Drop your comments and give me a like if you enjoyed my 'retro let's go' outfit? Thank you! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin'!!!!
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hey peeps
So I thought I'd show you one of my outfits I would wear on a night out with of course my favourite top and necklace.

This leather skater skirt is from H&M which my grandma actually got me for Christmas last year, I have a pretty stylish grandma if I do say so myself, was completely shocked, well done grandma! aha! I just adore it, it fits perfectly around my waist as well. The temptation of spinning a round like a little girl all the time is actually unbearable, flashing me back to times when I was small and cute on the dance floor at weddings spinning, pretending to be a princess. (Time to grow up phoebe now!) 

My favourite charity shop purchase has to be this flower print white/creamy top, it's so comfy and well fitted, you just wouldn't believe it's from a charity shop. Love a bargain, can't get enough!

These gorgeous shoes are Jeffrey Campbell's which I wore for my prom, it was literally love at first sight, their my pride and joy! Love how they don't look like your typical Jeffrey Campbell boots either as they have the detail of the chunky gold buckles and cut out sides. Even though when I wear them I'm like 6 foot, their worth towering over everyone, get so many compliments as well, feel so special hehe! Best pair of shoes I own by a mile!

 Outfit all together! Excuse the big wild hair, I try to tame it but it just doesn't like being controlled aha! 

Hope you enjoyed my going out look. What are your favourite shoes? Please like comment and follow which would be great! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Jeffrey Campbell crush

Hey peeps!
Think I just died and went to heaven, theses beauty's just made we nearly choke on my tea. Anybody want to get me an early birthday present?;) I am actually in love, simply black but perfectly classy and elegant. Just love open heels which extends your legs without cutting off your ankle without any stiff ankle boots, showing off your freshly painted toe nails and sun kissed fake tan or if you're one of the lucky ones your natural glow!
Another purchase I need to save up for! Treading your way through the highest of fashion trends with theses bad boys on. 
Just had to share my little shoe crush with you. Love at first sight aha! What's your shoe crush?! Please like comment and follow which would be great! Thank you.
Love Phoebe xoxox

My favourite accessories

Hey peeps!
So I thought I'd tell you about my favourite accessories and I don't think an outfit is complete without any. I've got many more accessories that I where on a regular bases but theses two are literally what I wear everyday, if I forget them it's like I've left the house naked. 
You may know I love my inspirational words/phrases, so whats on my wrist right now cost the grand total of £1, yes it's crazy but I love a bargin! 
This gold watch caught my eye in a charity shop, adore abit of thrift shopping, never know what you're going to find. Think it just fits my wrist perfectly as well. I've got a lot more where that came from, alittle addicted to charity shops!

Next is this black strapped 'HOPE' bracelet which I actually found, what's the chances of finding a bracelet this cute,m. So you might be think that's dirty but don't worry I made sure I washed it well haha. 
But yeah just wanted to share with you my favourites.
Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I will be sharing all my other charity shop bargains very soon! What are your purchases from the charity shops? Your favourite accessories? Please like comment and follow which would be great! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My extremely late introduction!

So I realized when I started my blog I didn't actually do an introduction about myself, I've popped afew details in my bio but that's about it!
 So my full name is Phoebe Jane Williams, pretty boring and simple really but there you go, I have a cockapoo called missy, if you've never heard of that bread of dog before just google it and you will actually cry over how cute they are, she's like a small black fluff ball who's just a cuddle monster. I live in Leeds in Yorkshire so yes I have a good old Yorkshire accent haha! I'm 17 years old with a mind of a 20 year old apparently....thanks fam and friends. Alittle too obsessed with beauty and fashion I think but I just love finding new and controversial trends. My make up collection is growing as I just adore trying new products out and feeding back to you guys. 
I'm not the quietest of types, pretty in your face but I just think silence and relaxation is boring except if I'm going to a that shit! 
I have two brothers whom are older then me so I guess you could say I'm highly protected haha. 
I'm not one of them girls who are all about exercise and fitness because to be honest I wouldn't really like to be skinny and I'm not the thinnest of builds, okay maybe I'd like to be abit more toned but I've come to terms with being a size 10  which I think is perfectly fine, I'd rather be a size 16 to be honest then a size 4/6, just love abit of curves aha. 

And as my best mate told me to mention her, she's called Megan and I guess you could say she's the sister I've never had, I been through a rough match recently, without using any swearing to express my feeling lets just say he was NOT a very nice person who inflict this upon me! and she's just my little support blanket. Love ya bubs! (Me:right) (Meg's:left)

Hope you enjoyed this very late intro to my blog, do you have any questions about me that you haven't found out from the post already? Please like comment and follow which would be great! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My natural hair routine, quick and simple!

Hey guys!
 So I've done a straight hair routine look so I thought I'd just do my everyday 'can't be arsed look', people say "you can do so much with my hair phoebe" but it takes too long to do, my hair is naturally curly so I just leave it to spring up. I do wish it was naturally straight but to be honest if I'm wishing for anything I wish chocolate was slimming, anyway back to hair. I am actually realising that it's been growing recently; result!! But it does need a good cut which makes me want to cry, I'm going into that stage were you get bored of your hair and either want to get a fridge or chop it all off, I'm resisting....just!
So first I give my hair a right good brush through to stimulate the roots like always, looking beautiful in the first picture;) (excuse the no make up face throughout this blog post) This is my hair straightened which needed a good wash.
Might of broken another brush...oops!
Casually chilling in a turbin towel, I love theses great inventions because you can paint your nails, moisturise, tan etc without getting a wet back or the odd droplet running down your face and your hair is firmly secure. Brill! 
Then when I've done what I've wanted to do I put the Superdrug essential styling mousse to minimise/cancel frizz and stray hairs. My hair is so frizzy if I just leave it, think this mousse is just cheap and cheerful, the same as all the other expert brands. The frizz drives me crazy so I put a good amount of Mousse to keep it under control, it just loves to run wild! 
Hair without mousse (still damp though)
Hair with mousse (still damp though)

Next my beauties is I just leave it to dry over night or if it's dry before I go to sleep, add a big fat plait to give it a nice wave when I wake up so it doesn't look like I've been electrocuted...not a good look! Then pin it back or just leave it to sit how it likes and I'm done. No heat, no damaging, just a natural style. Feel guilty putting heat on my hair so I tend to keep giving my hairs breaks so it stays soft and strong.
Hope you liked this blog post, what's your natural hair like? Please like comment and follow which would be great! Will be doing simple, easy hair styles soon that you can do yourself, look out for it! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My tedious hair routine!

Hey guys! So I've decided to do my hair routine as I'm going out tonight so I thought it was a great opportunity to show you my tedious hair routine.
So to start with I brush all my hair as it's prone to knots which I hate and I actually shread a tear as I stand for a good 10 minutes brushing my hair, brushing your hair a lot stimulates your roots and gets all the hair that's going to come out in the shower(which is a lot for me).Did you know 100-200 pieces of your hair in average falls out per day? I never knew that but I started to worry as so much of my hair falls out so I just googled it. I actually broke a brush before from brushing my hair (yes it's that thick). I say I hate my hair but it's impossible to like what you have, everyone has things they'd change about themselves I guess. My mums hair is extremely Curley then my dads is extremely thick so some might say I have the best of both world but I thinks it's an nightmare.   
Next I wash my hair with TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner, I find that TRESemmé just leaves my hair silky smooth and sumptuously soft, then I brush my hair through again before drying as I find getting knots out is easier to brush out when having damp hair.
Then I blow dry my hair which takes me a good 20 minutes because there's so much of it, I always attempt to dry it as straight as possible but it just fails completely and still goes as frizzy as possible, then I spray the heat protector by TRESemmé making sure to cover every lay of my hair especially the areas that are particularly dryer then the rest (which are the ends for me).
And lastly I style it using the thickest panel ghd hair straighteners which takes me about 35/40 minutes to do so. I've had these straighteners for absolutely ages, I truly recommend them if you don't own a pair already. Then I finally apply the loréal elvive extraordinary oil all over my hair except the roots which smooths and hydrates my hair for a shiny glowing finish, this will last me for two to three days as my hair isn't the greasiest of types.
But if I don't have time to do this routine or I'm just going to nip down to the shops I'll let my hair dry over night and pop some superdrug own brand curling mose just to define each curl and cancelling out frizz and stray hairs.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What's your hair routine? Is it as long as mine? What products do you use? Please like, comment and follow Which would be lovely! Thank you 
Love phoebe xoxox

Finally my Benefit prime and concealer review is here!!

Hey peeps!

So as I promised my review on benefits Boi-ing concealer and flawless primer which I've been using for a week now, to start with I've had so much break outs recently (a girls worse nightmare). So for my foundation to stay on all day is just bliss! I can actually feel the substance of the primer gripping onto my foundation, and to think I didn't wear primer before, what was I thinking! my skin is weird though so I'm sure not everyone needs to wear primer but I sure do. 

Then to erase any blemishes, dark eyecircles, break outs and discolouring of the face the glorious Boi-ing concealer is your answer! Something about being flawless makes me feel that bit more confident, sounds weird but my skin has always been a problem throughout my life as I have eczema, I have a dry skin type so miosturising is my best friend. I always use products that hydrate my skin without looking greasy or shiny. So glad I purchased in theses products as they were exactly what I was looking for! So if you as well are like me with dry skin or struggle to keep you foundation looking freshly applying all day I seriously recommend theses two miracle workers! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, what are your two favourite products? Please like, comment and follow which would be lovely! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hey peeps! 
So this is not my normal demain but I just had to share with you my goody box I get every fortnight. GRAZE are the best nibbles ever!! I don't normally like nutritious foods but despite that graze is an exception, you just need to simply register and if you have a code to get the first box free then you can just enter in that, after their only £3.89. There's 4 different selections, if one doesn't tickle your taste buds then you can just 'rate for slate' it, making your box more personalised to fit your fancy. 
Think I've only actually got my graze box without it been broken into about twice, bloody brothers!
This is what was in my recent box I recieved yesterday....
Booklet to pass on to a friend or family member to get their free graze box.
Cheddar gorge.
Apple & cinnamon flapjack.
Salsa fresca-my absolute favourite!!

Hope you like this post, do you get graze? First person to comment below will get a code for a free graze box. Please comment like and follow which would be lovely! Thank you.
Love phoebe xoxox