Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Well done puberty!

From geeky to gorgeous all these celebrities didn't start off with their perfect looks and one didn't have any luck at all.
we all see taylor swift as this perfect role body with perfect hair, teeth, skin, body. but compared with the younger her she's done pretty well for herself. Its crazy to think how puberty works but what ever it does a lot of these celebrities I'm sure are thankful.

well the Harr potter star has always been a pretty one...envious!

foolish me thought his character teeth were actually real, anyone else think that? but I found out they were fake, crazy how teeth can make such a difference...who knew.

reminiscing on my childhood with my favourite TV show, Drake and Josh was a classic comedy program about two step brothers, the character 'Josh' being the ugly one of the brothers has definitely changed now. 

The well known twilight star was not always such a looker. 

Oops maybe not for this unfortunate guy, being home alone for so long did not treat him well! Aha. The first time I'm going to say this but that beard is not a good look and I love my bearded men!!

Hope you enjoyed this post, i]I know it was a little different compared my beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts but thought id turn things up alittle. You know anyother celebrities that have gone through puberty in the right way? Please drop a comment down below! Thank you. don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!
Love Phoebe xoxox

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Today's charity bargain!!

Hey peeps!

So I nipped down to a little village called Wetherby in Leeds which has loads of charity shops, I'm a regular in all of them aha. I've been looking for ages for a winter coat which isn't so pricey but that's hard to find when you're looking on the high street but I came across this gorgeous thing in my local St. Gemma's charity shop, and if you read my blogs you would know how much I love a bargain, so I'm proud to say I snapped this cream/bashe winter coat for £5 yes only £5, I was so shocked but chuffed at the same time. What a happy girl I am! High too me!

Been trying loads of outfits with it and anything goes, it's a boyfriend style coat which I just love, it's not restrictive or too tight: bliss! Can't stand when you can't move it coats/jackets, so irritating!!!

Excuse the pale legs, in desperate need for a night of fake tanning and waxing, wanted to show off my new shoeys too which I actually got for a wedding that I went to last weekend, not to brag but I was privileged to be their photographer! What a lovely day it was. They showed how it's never too late as the groom was 78! 

Hope you liked my bargain post and feel welcome to tell me your bargains down below, thank you! don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!

Love phoebe xoxox

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Mini haul!!

And its happened again, I've spent more money on makeup products, what a shocker! I wanted to know what the big hipe towards this primer was, as I have quite dry skin and big pores my make up tends to be sucked into my face (without it sounding quite disgusting) so I thought I'd try this Benefit POREfessional primer out. I'm intrigued to see if it keeps to its promises, does it really minimise the appearance of pores?
The well known brand of real Techniques is a must have for me when I'm searching for new brushes, as I'm a big fan of the Chapman's on YouTube this brand has to be my favourite line of brushes! just love how their all so full and of course they have to pass the softness test(tick). 

check out the stippling brush HERE and the shading brush HERE for my information on each one.

If only you got paid to shop I'd be a millionaire by now, wouldn't you? hehe, drop you comments below and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin! 

Love Phoebe xoxox 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

My new make up area!!!

I've promised myself to be a lot more organised...not sure how long that will last for but heres a start, popped down to IKEA and purchased this white shelve for only £8 then got a few quite quirky boxes for decoration and more storage. 

but now I've had this area for a few months now my make up collection has out grown it and my friend decided to lean on the shelve and it has become a little cricked so I'm back to the drawing board again for more bigger make up storage ideas, been looking on Pinterest for some and its made me addicted to Pinterest now, so many amazing ideas on there, HERES some ideas for you if you're thinking of re-decorating or need some storage ideas like myself. i hope they help!

Excuse my awkward body reflection in the background,  I just get so excited when my bedroom changes just even a little it. I always used to change my furniture around when I was little as I loved change and how it felt like a different room (was it just me that did that?). Alway I've got a lot more brushes then in the photo so I'm on the hunt for some really nice bottle to place them in. matching is boring to me so here comes the crazy patterned pots! I think theses are adorable! what do you think?

Throw your storage tips my way in the comments! I'd love to hear them!

Love phoebe xoxox